About Us

Physician & Founder

Dr. Robert A. Norman

Dr. Robert Norman is the founder, owner and CEO of Dermatology Healthcare, LLC. a national company that provides dermatology consults in long-term care facilities. Dr. Norman established Dermatology Healthcare in the early 90’s. Dr. Norman has extensive training and is board certified in both primary care and dermatology. He has used the Ten Commandments of Leadership Success to lead and manage his own businesses. Dr. Norman has authored over thirty plus books and hundreds of articles for various publications including Discover Magazine, American Journal of Clinical Medicine, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, and The Journal of Geriatric Dermatology. Over the years he has been the leading authority on Geriatric Dermatology and has spoken as recent as the American Academy of Dermatology 2012 in addition he served as the Section Director for Geriatric Dermatology for the World Congress of Dermatology in Argentina 2007 and  2012 in Brazil. Dr. Norman also conducts numerous speaking engagements for both private and Fortune 1000 groups worldwide. Geriatric Dermatology has been a passion of Dr. Norman’s as well as his highly caring and qualified team of associates. When speaking and motivating his staff Dr. Norman’s philosophy is “Always to put the patients care first and you can’t fail”.

He is a frequent medical volunteer and is at the gold level in the AAD Leadership Circle for Volunteerism. He has made annual trips to Jamaica since 2009 as well as trips to Guatemala, Haiti and Cuba.

Dr. Norman completed his pre-med, medical, and public health training at Michigan State University, Midwestern University, the Cleveland Clinic, and the University of South Florida. He and his wife Carol have five children brought together in a blended family. Dr. Norman is very active in his community serving on many service organization boards as well as donating his services. When he can he plays tennis, trapshooting, biking, kayaking and harmonica.


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Previous publications (partial listing) -- literary

  • Discover Magazine - December 1998
  • Relax Magazine - September 1993
  • Off Hours - March 1986
  • Tampa Bay Magazine - December 1985
  • Greater Portland Magazine - Summer 1985
  • Maine Life St. Petersburg Times - interview with Robin Cook - March 29, 1987


Our specially-trained providers work together as an integrated team to provide the best dermatological care possible. Our providers include:

Thierry Chapuis, PA-C
Thierry Chapuis, PA-C, has been a Physician's Assistant with Dermatology Healthcare since February 2003. A tennis enthusiast, Thierry's been in Florida for over 20 years. He received his undergraduate degree at University of Florida and received his Physician Assistant education at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.




Our administration includes:

Carol Norman - Owner & Officer

Carol Norman is partner and handles operations for Dermatology Healthcare LLC, and Robert A. Norman, DO, PA Dermatology practices. In the '90s, Carol crossed over from her 17 years in banking to provide her administrative knowledge to Dr. Norman‘s medical practice. She has promoted and facilitated the successful growth of his practices. Her dedication to customer satisfaction and company success has been an objective that she has required of herself as well as other employees. Her belief in Dr. Norman to bring patients the best in dermatology healthcare in an environment of care, concern and know-how, along with her communication skills, commitment, problem solving and creativity, have lent to their success and their accomplishments. Carol and Dr. Norman have five children brought together in a blended family, whom they are very proud of and marvel at each of their very individual personalities. They have two grandchildren who keep them amused and energized.  

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, most cost-effective  prevention and treatment of skin diseases for our nursing home, assisted living, home health care, hospice, and private patients.
     Dr. Robert A. Norman