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Geriatric Dermatology

We here at Dermatology Healthcare wish to bring recognition, dignity and realistic management options to a growing population of older adults with skin-related challenges. The graying of the world brings a population that must cope with the management of multiple conditions, including skin diseases and age-related skin changes. Providing this population effective solutions that improve quality of life and wellness is the primary goal of Dermatology Healthcare. 

Geriatric dermatology may include treating: (a) skin-aging related problems in otherwise healthy patients - including medical issues such as pruritus, xerosis (dry skin) and onychomycosis (nail fungus), as well as cosmetic improvement of photoaging and androgenetic alopecia; (b) cutaneous malignancies in the elderly - including detection and management of melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and cutaneous t-cell lymphoma; (c) skin problems in the institutionalized elderly - including skin integrity maintenance, ulcer management, post-surgical skin care, infectious and arthropod-borne diseases; (d) common skin diseases that may have different manifestations in the elderly - psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. 

Additionally, special considerations regarding treatment of skin disease in the elderly may include: (a) minimizing drug toxicities and surgical risk in the elderly; (b) special consideration of psychological issues and cognitive dysfunction; (c) ensuring availability of appropriate non-physician caregivers  

Geriatric Dermatology by R.A. Norman (Editor) Where conventional dermatology texts are lacking in the area of chronic care, this practical and comprehensive book expertly covers skin care, including wound care, in nursing homes, adult congregate living, and subacute and home health settings. It presents background and treatment regimens for dermatological therapy in chronic and subacute care and provides forms useful for direct patient contact. The book's main chapters cover the aging of the world's population, dermatological problems and treatment in long-term and nursing-home care, and the special dermatological problems of the elderly that include skin diseases, geriatric hair and scalp disorders, leg, foot and nail diseases, superficial mycoses, scabies and pediculosis, blistering diseases, adverse drug reactions on the skin, leg ulcers and dermal manifestations of diabetes.

The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales) by Rob Norman (Author) This book is an inspirational collection of tales from Dr. Robert Norman's 18 years as a dermatologist in Tampa, Florida. Based on real-life experience, Dr. Norman explains ailments of the skin, including melanoma, warts, albinism and toxic epidermal necrolsis, exploring the condition's history and etiology, and talks us through diagnosis with his patient stories. This book is invaluable reading for practicing and aspiring dermatologists and practitioners in primary care.

Clinical Geriatrics by T.S. Dharmarajan (Editor), Robert A. Norman (Editor)  

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